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Towleroad News #gay
WATCH: Plaintiffs in Challenge to Alaska´s Gay Marriage Ban Marry in Anchorage
21.10.2014, 01.36h

Stephanie Pearson and Courtney Lamb, one of the five same-sex couples that successfully sued the state of Alaska for the right to marry, exchanged vows outside the Frontier Building in Anchorage earlier this morning, KTVA reports. “Quite the emotional roller...

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Plaintiffs challenging Alaska´s same-sex marriage legally wed
Stephanie Pearson and Courtney Lamb wed in Anchorage on Monday, October 20, 2014. The couple was one of five same-sex couples that sued the state for the right to marry in Alaska.
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Towleroad News #gay
Rush Limbaugh Blames Democrats ´All Out Assault´ on Marriage and Religion As the Cause of ´National Angst´ - AUDIO
21.10.2014, 01.36h

On Rush Limbaugh´s radio program today, the right-wing blowhard called for an "entire shift in national attitude" and blamed the Democratic Party´s ´all out assault´ on marriage, religion, science, and education as the root cause of our nation´s "angst." Said...

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Towleroad News #gay
Facebook Continues To Freeze Out Drag Queen Profiles
21.10.2014, 01.36h

Earlier this month Sister Roma led the charge in convincing Facebook to roll back its “Real Name Policy” that was forcibly deactivating drag queens´ accounts at a disproportionate rate. Though activists eventually reached an agreement with the Menlo Park-based company,...

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Model Spotlight:: Scott Gardner by Carlos Moscat
21.10.2014, 01.13h

Scott Gardner @ Wilhelmina L.A. spotlighted by photographer Carlos Moscat

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Shia LaBeouf for Interview Magazine
21.10.2014, 01.10h

As it turns out, Shia LaBeouf isn’t a full-on insane person - he’s just what happens when that annoyingly pretentious guy that you hated/dated in college gets famous. In a surprisingly earnest - but no less maddening - conversation with Interview magazine, the troubling actor hits all of the “White...

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Fashion Spotlight:: Men´s Health Croatia | Ivan Markioli & Srdjan Basta by Igor Cvoro
21.10.2014, 01.10h

Ma: Men´s Health CroatiaMo: Ivan Markioli & Srdjan BastaPh: Igor Cvoro

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The 31 Days of HOMO-ween! - Day 20: WATCH “Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical” WITHOUT David Hasslehoff! - Video
21.10.2014, 01.05h

While the Broadway production of Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical was filmed live at the Plymouth Theater in 2000 with the final cast consisting of David Hasselhoff as Jekyll/Hyde,(which is fucking terrifying in its own...

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Travel Tips: Morocco
21.10.2014, 01.02h

The Guardian.
As ever, just because a country has laws against homosexuality, it doesn´t mean they are routinely enforced.
The shocking case of Ray Cole and Jamal Wald Nass was an exception, not the rule.

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21.10.2014, 01.00h

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