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  • 24.02.2014               Teilen:   |

Neues Buch von Zack

Liebe und Sex in London: "Boy of the West End"

Die ersten erotischen Abenteuer eines jungen Schwulen in London: "Boy of the West End"
Die ersten erotischen Abenteuer eines jungen Schwulen in London: "Boy of the West End"

Der neue englischsprachige Comicroman von Zack erzählt vom sexuellen Erwachen eines jungen Schwulen.

1980, Rome's famous Cinecittà film studios, and wet-behind-the-ears "gofer" Gil Graham from Los Angeles meets British "gofer" Mike Smith. They're the Boys of Vice City and their tempestuous love affair rocks them to London – Disco City – splits them between Two Cities, and reunites them in the Fast Lane of London again.

But Gil knows Mike has a past, that their nemesis, the movie mogul James Rosen, "picked Mike out of the gutter." So how does a privately educated Latin scholar fall so low? "Boy of the West End" takes Mike back in time and follows his trail of discovery, perdition, and eventual redemption.

Zack was born in 1948 in Switzerland; since 1973 he lives in the UK. He is a self-educated illustrator and started to design explicit gay comic strips in the early seventies, inspired by his very own erotic fantasies. The message of his work is simple and it comes from the heart: Sex is fun, and anything goes as long as all involved enjoy it and are not hurt or abused against their will. Zack designed numberless comic strips for British magazines like "HIM", "Vulcan" and "Teenage Dreams". (cw/pm)


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Zack: Boy of the West End. Adventures of Gil Graham and Mike Smith. Erotischer Comicroman in englischer Sprache. 140 Seiten. Softcover. Format: 13,0 x 19,0 cm. Bruno Gmünder Verlag. Berlin 2014. 14,95 €. ISBN 978-3-86787-687-2
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