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  • 12.08.2014               Teilen:   |

Junger Stricher aus gutem Hause

Mississippi Hustler

Der englischsprachige Jugenroman "Mississippi Hustler" ist am 1. August 2014 im Bruno Gmünder Verlag erschienen
Der englischsprachige Jugenroman "Mississippi Hustler" ist am 1. August 2014 im Bruno Gmünder Verlag erschienen

Rod Bellamys englischsprachiger Jugendroman ist Anfang August im Bruno Gmünder Verlag erschienen.

Unwanted and abandoned by his Mississippi River plantation-owning daddy, young Jeff got by as best he could in a torrid world of prostitution and vice where the whole neighborhood used him as a cheap sex-toy.

And then, out of the blue, came an airline ticket to distant Hawaii, where his wealthy daddy enjoyed a decadent high-life of unbridled lust. Was this his father finally showing him he cared…?

There he met Mohammed — a man who seemed to appreciate him. But that was when troubles really began. Twisted desires and murderous jealousy put his very life in jeopardy — could young Mississippi Hustler survive and find true love?

The author Rod Bellamy was born in a suburb of Fort Myers, FL. Son of a military father, he, his two brothers, and their mother moved restlessly about the United States. In every place he gained valuable insights to many different cultures.

Bellamy has contributed to several anthologies of gay writing over the years under several names. He met and later married his partner of several years in Vallejo, CA before they upped and crossed the Pacific to settle in Hawaii, whose islands he'd never gotten out of his bones. (cw/pm)


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Rod Bellamy: Mississippi Hustler. Roman. 320 Seiten. Softcover. Sprache: Englisch. Format: 19 x 13 cm. Bruno Gmünder Verlag. Berlin 2014. 15,99 €. ISBN 978-3-86787-784-8
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