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Berlin: British Council Literature Seminar on Writing Gender & Sexuality

25.01. bis 27.01.2018
Werkstatt Der Kulturen, Berlin

Mehrtägiges Seminar des British Council; Infos, Anmeldung und Livestream s. Webseite.

Writing Gender - Sexuality, Feminism and Masculinity

Gender and sexuality take centre stage... #BritLitBerlin 2018 will connect a new generation of writers and readers. Join the discussion and engage with new and established UK writers first hand in workshops, discussions and readings.

Authors include: Juno Dawson, Kerry Hudson, Sabrina Mahfouz, Nick Makoha, Paul McVeigh and Monique Roffey. Chaired by Bernardine Evaristo.

New and established UK writers will look at the current conversations around gender identity that have been gaining ground in the mainstream recently, and at the Fourth Wave Feminism. We will ask how this is being addressed by writers of fiction and poetry, whose work appears to subscribe to a range of feminist ideas or ideals. We will ask how we can create literature that is complex and nuanced, while also being consciously political.