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Berlin: "Hot Topic" im SchwuZ

20.07.2018, 21:00 Uhr
SchwuZ, Berlin

ab 21:00 Uhr #SCHANGELIG Show mit Kinks & Queers & Tuntitunt Tunts (s. 2. Facebook-Link)

QueerPop: Viola, LCavaliero, lisalotta.p
Delicia Floor (Latinx w/ Tropical Bass): Aérea Negrot, Natalia Escobar, Isa GT
Rockmusik: trust.the.girl
Solishots & Infostand: FrauenNachtCafé
Visuals: Zoey Vero

Eintritt: 7 Euro vor Mitternacht/ 9 Euro nach Mitternacht

HOT TOPIC is a queerfeministic project hosting DJ*s, producers and artists offside the heteronormative party-mainstream. HOT TOPIC especially celebrates women, lesbian, trans* and genderqueer people, POC and black artists behind the desks and on stage. It’s not only a party, but a forum for networking that gives home to diverse queerfeministic scenes & topics as well as their rebels and cuties. Each HOT TOPIC supports a political group or project with an infostand and donations. The party offers a wide range of musical styles from queerfeministic tunes to pop, house, Hip Hop as well as R’nB and rock music. It seeks to celebrate and (re)present all those who challenge our perception of mainstream-nightlife and heteronormativity in general - bc queerfeminism is our HOT TOPIC!