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Hass-Sänger im Homo-Radio

#41 Beenie ManAnonym
  • 08.01.2010, 18:30h
  • Antwort auf #40 von Rosa_von_Zehnle
  • Ich bin nicht Beenie Man.
    Allerdings ist die Erklärung echt!!!
    Hier die das Orginalzitat...

    I wrote the lyrics at a point in my life when I younger and was seeing a lot of exploitation of poor and defenseless young boys in the garrison – where I too was born – by rich men

    When I wrote the lyrics boys were raped and murdered often – even recently a nine-year-old went to buy cigarettes for a man, came back and was raped and murdered. The act of sodomy was my concern when I wrote the song.

    I realize that those men were not gays but were predators or paedophile which is not a common word in my dialect hence the perception when generalising. I am older and realised the difference after.

    I have worked with gays and lesbians on videos and photo shoots and they have done great. I do not sing or perform any of those songs nor promote any violence on stage. I have been performing all over the world and there hasn’t been any issues of recent.


    P.S.: Das Management (des echten) Beenie Mans kann die Authentizität des Aussage sicherlich bestätigen.
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