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Gouverneur: Außer Homos darf jeder heiraten

#8 bissl off topiccAnonym
  • 03.08.2012, 19:26h
  • Antwort auf #3 von Martin28a
  • Black Pride was a moment of discovery. It was the first time that I had seen so many non-white LGBT faces in one setting. When you say that sentence out loud, it sounds like an embarrassing social gaff, then again, I soon learnt that I was not alone; the same thought crosses the minds of multiple other people (black and white, gay or straight) who are attending the event for the first time too.

    There was a time before I was ‘aware’ of my sexuality, when my ethnicity would have been my main internal barometer to occasionally tell me (through the obvious prism of racism) that I was a bit different to the vast majority of other students at infant, primary and secondary school and through to both periods of university.

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