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Yossi liebt jetzt für immer

#1 jewish voiceAnonym
  • 23.01.2013, 12:11h
  • By Dahlia Scheindlin |Published May 27, 2012

    When Yossi and Jagger appeared 10 years ago, I found it both heartrending and groundbreaking. Opening up the still-taboo subject of homosexuality in the army, the film provided a sharp critique of the militarist-machoist complex that reigns over Israeli society in general.
    So it was somewhat disappointing to find that Yossis Story doesnt attempt to break new ground. Instead of shining a spotlight on any other aspect of hushed hypocrisy and repression in society for example, he could have followed some of those vital sub-plots in Yossi and Jagger he returns to the same old theme. But many of those earlier psycho-social barriers for gay people have diminished over the last decade partly with Foxs help and he observes as much in this film. As a result, the theme has lost some of its urgency.There is no minimizing how complex life still is for gay people in Israel (and anywhere). But there myriad of related social ills in Israel that could speak to a wider audience are almost completely absent as if the country could just solve the problems of gay people, and things would basically be fine.[...]

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