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Thüringen ehrt schwulen KZ-Häftling

#15 GefundenAnonym
  • 14.04.2013, 13:42h
  • Antwort auf #9 von stromboli
  • "bereits seit dem 8. April hatten viele Häftlinge durch Boykott und Sabotage ihre von den Nazis so genannte Evakuierung verhindert und die US-Armee per Funk um Hilfe gerufen."

    "Thanks to the efforts of Polish engineer Gwidon Damazyn, an inmate since March 1941, a secret radio transmitter and small generator were built. On April 9 at 1pm Damazyn sent the radio message prepared by leaders of prisoners' underground (Walter Bartel and Harry Kuhn):

    "To Allies. To General Patton's Army. This is concentration camp Buchenwald. SOS. We need help. They're trying to evacuate us. The SS try to exterminate us."

    The text was repeated four times, each time in English, German and Russian.[27] After 15 minutes the headquarters of the US Third Army answered and promised help as quickly as they could send it.

    After this news had been received, Communist inmates stormed the watchtowers and killed the remaining guards using arms they had been collecting since 1942 (one machine gun and 91 rifles).[28] (See Buchenwald Resistance)..."

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