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Anschlag in Tel Aviv: Rache oder Hassverbrechen?

#11 ingredientsAnonym
  • 15.06.2013, 13:25h
  • Antwort auf #9 von more witness
  • Police believe Hagai Felician, central suspect in Barnoar shooting, involved in drug sales after 100 ecstasy tablets found in his home. LGBT activist involved in incident might testify against Felician in return for clemency for alleged sexual abuse


    It is believed that upon learning that the minor was abused at the hands of the center's manager, Falician and his partner, Tarlan Hankishayev, set out to on a revenge mission which ended in a murderous killing spree after the two failed to locate Ganon.

    It is further noted that in return for his cooperation, police will not prosecuted Ganon for any of the alleged crimes related to the incident, including the alleged sexual abuse as well as claims that Ganon knew of the suspect's intentions to harm him after receiving threats from the boy prior to the shooting.

    It is important to note that the deal, as it was reported, does not promise Ganon amnesty from prosecution if further allegations or complaints are lodged against him in the future.

    For example, earlier this week Tel Aviv police began investigating a complaint filed by a woman who claimed that Ganon had tried to rape her.

    The woman, who was born a man and had undergone sex change surgery, claimed he sexually harassed her 10 years ago and she filed the complaint only after he had been arrested.

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#12 lügendetektorAnonym
  • 16.06.2013, 13:35h
  • The youngest of the suspects, the alleged victim of molestation, keeps maintaining that he was not abused and said "no man has ever touched me." He added he was prepared to take a lie detector test to bear this out.

    He also demanded his name be published, which is prohibited as he was a minor at the time of the Barnoar shootings and what preceded them.

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#13 Homonklin44Profil
  • 05.08.2015, 15:11hTauroa Point
  • Umso trauriger,weil die arme Kleine sich für unsere Sache aus ihrer Welt geöffnet hat,und Opfer wurde,weil sie sich für Andere stark gemacht hat.

    Ich hoffe bloß der Täter bleibt in der Psychiatrischen,geschlossene Abteilung für immer.Wobei klar sein dürfte,dass die religionskranken Gesinnungsbrüder den unterstützen dürften. Und der womöglich neu freikommt und seinen Hass weiter kultivieren kann.

    Sorry, "Gottes schönster Engel" usw.,aber da wird mir anders.Wenn es ein Nachleben geben kann,hoffe ich, die Kleine ist befreit von "Gottes-Kram"!
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