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ZDF: Promo für homophobes Buch

#60 BildungshinweisAnonym
  • 03.04.2014, 13:23h
  • Antwort auf #24 von seb1983
  • 02.04.2014 23:32:17 Von seb1983

    "Nicht schlecht für das Mutterland des Kapitalismus."

    Schwul-lesbische Organisation ohne Angst vor Auseinandersetzung mit kapitalistischen Interessen!


    "Some members of GLAAD went on to become the early members of ACT UP."

    "Wall Street

    On March 24, 1987, 250 ACT UP members demonstrated at Wall Street and Broadway to demand greater access to experimental AIDS drugs and for a coordinated national policy to fight the disease.[4] An Op/Ed article by Larry Kramer published in the New York Times the previous day described some of the issues ACT UP was concerned with.[5] Seventeen ACT UP members were arrested during this civil disobedience.[6]

    On March 24, 1988, ACT UP returned to Wall Street for a larger demonstration in which over 100 people were arrested.[7]

    On September 14, 1989, seven ACT UP members infiltrated the New York Stock Exchange and chained themselves to the VIP balcony to protest the high price of the only approved AIDS drug, AZT. The group displayed a banner that read, SELL WELLCOME referring to the pharmaceutical sponsor of AZT, Burroughs Wellcome, which had set a price of approximately $10,000 per patient per year for the drug, well out of reach of nearly all HIV positive persons. Several days following this demonstration, Burroughs Wellcome lowered the price of AZT to $6,400 per patient per year.[8]"


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