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Fetisch-Geschichten auf Englisch

Whipping boys

  • 01. Mai 2014, noch kein Kommentar

Das englischsprachige Fetischbuch ist bereits Ende März im Berliner Bruno Gmünder Verlag erschienen

Im Bruno Gmünder Verlag ist der neue englischsprachige Band "Whipping Boys – Gay S/M Erotica" von Winston Gieseke erschienen.

Society has long tried to control sexual behavior with shame. But what happens when it's the shame that turns you on?

In "Whipping Boys", desire and domination take on many forms, from spanking and bondage to punishment and humiliation: A dom and his submissive share a special celebration, while a young man discovers what a naughty little pig he can be.

Whether you enjoy having your hands tied behind your back or you get off putting someone in his place, this erotic anthology of extreme sex and the men who beg for it will inflict just the right amount of sting.

When you fall in love, there's always a chance you'll get hurt … when you're a whipping boy, it's guaranteed. (pm)

Infos zum Buch

Winston Gieseke: Whipping Boys – Gay S/M Erotica. Ratgeber. 208 Seiten. Format: 13 x 18,8 cm. Softcover. Bruno Gmünder Verlag. Berlin 2014. 15,95 €. ISBN 978-3-86787-689-6