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Neuer englischsprachiger Roman

From Lust to Love

  • 27. Juli 2014, noch kein Kommentar

Der neue englischsprachige Roman "From Lust to Love" ist im Juli 2014 im Bruno Gmünder Verlag erschienen.

Im Bruno Gmünder Verlag ist der neue Gay-Roman von Mike Hicks erschienen – in englischer Sprache.

They meet at the bar. Or in the shower at the gym. And there's an instant connection. An unmistakable desire. He'll do for tonight, each thinks. But yet there's a spark of something more, something beyond passion.

Something neither will admit they've been longing for. Could this be their last onenighter? What happens when a casual hook-up satisfies your ultimate craving? That's when you go from lust to love…

Mike Hicks is a writer and editor whose fiction has appeared in the magazines Men, Freshmen, [2], Inches, Honcho, Unzipped, Torso, Playguy, and Mandate, and on the Web site of the graphic artist Patrick Fillion, where he chronicled the interplanetary erotic adventures of the characters Camili-Cat and Naked Justice. He lives with his partner in Boston, Massachusetts. (pm)

Infos zum Buch

Mike Hicks: From Lust to Love. Roman. 192 Seiten. Softcover. Format: 13 x 19 cm. Bruno Gmünder Verlag. Berlin 2014. 14,99 €. ISBN 978-3-86787-790-9

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