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Birgit Kelle und Homo-"Heiler" bei evangelikaler Familienfreizeit

#26 Karel GottAnonym
  • 08.03.2015, 18:46h
  • Antwort auf #23 von Klaro
  • Einmal um die ganze Welt....

    "The Catholics conversely went from being more than 1% of the population in 1949 to being less than 1% now. That is, they did not grow but decreased in percentage. The numbers may not be exact, as no precise tallies of these religions exist, but there is definitely a diverging trend: the number of Protestants is growing much faster than Catholics. [...] In less than 20 years, Protestants of all denominations went from being less than 1% of the population (their number at the time of the Communist takeover in 1949) to about 10%, according to some current estimates."

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