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HIV-Test verweigert: Aids-Patient 18,4 Millionen Dollar Schadensersatz zugesprochen

#5 Ami in GermanyAnonym
  • 21.06.2018, 18:35h
  • Sorry for the English, but Im so sick and tired of certain Germans who say the awards in the US are too much. This guy was an attorney. Made easily 250,000 a year if not more. Now he cant be an attorney due to unforgivable and unexplainable mistake of the doctors. So, simple economic damages are 250,000 every year. A normal career of 30 years are we are talking about a lot of lost money. Real loss. Its a joke that Im Germany I lose the ability to do my high paid job and Im shit out of luck. Id be lucky to get half a years salary. Thats the real problem. You gonna give me money to make up the difference?
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