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Iran: Homo-Aktivisten im Untergrund

#1 IlGaAnonym
  • 27.07.2005, 10:06h
  • Execution in Iran

    According to the lawyer of the two Iranian boys recently put to death in a public hanging, the boys did not know that homosexual relations and alcohol consumption were illegal. "Homosexuality is a crime in Iran, but the death penalty is usually reserved for cases of rape, armed robbery, adultery, drug trafficking, and renouncing Islam." A third boy, 13 years old, who was with them, was not prosecuted because Iranian law does not consider that a person of that age can consent to sexual acts. This means that any type of sexual contact with a 13 year old is considered rape, and it is officially for this reason that the two boys were executed.

    "The judiciary has trampled its own laws," their lawyer, Rohollah Razez Zadeh, was quoted as saying by IRIN news, explaining that Iranian courts were supposed to commute death sentences handed to children to five years in jail, but the country's Supreme Court allowed the hangings to proceed.

    Though it is rather difficult to appreciate how much the fact that the boys were engaged in homosexual relations weighed in that decision, it appears that the decision to execute the boys was not officially dependent on the homosexual nature of their acts. In any case, the execution of these two young men (one being under 18) remains unacceptable.

    For more information on the situation of LGBT people in Iran, ILGA has published an interview by the Russian website Gayrussia.ru of a member of the Maha Magazine, an e-mail based Iranian LGBT publication in Persian.

    Apart from this interview, please also read the statement from IRIN, the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) and from ILGA members IGLHRC, Outrage, and COC.


    Stephen Barris

    Communication Officer / ILGA

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