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7.000 Peitschenhiebe für zwei Schwule

#49 MartinAnonym
  • 08.10.2007, 12:06h
  • Mohammed ordered stoning to death.

    I want everone to watch this video and know the truth about this "peaceful" religion of Islam which is a danger to humanity and human rights.


    Plain original un-cut version of this Video without additional visual effects:


    Warning! This is an extremely sick and disgusting punishment, and thus watching this video can make you weak or possibly give you nausea and shock for several days. Please do not watch if you are weak-hearted.

    Are people in this video extremists? No, they are true Muslims, following the exact orders of their leader Mohammed. This is real Islam in practice. If you are a Muslim and believe stoning is not a part of Islam: Congratulations! You have already partially apostated from Islam. Now you just need to complete your apostasy like others did, and stop believing that Mohammed was a prophet of God.
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