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US-Kongress beschließt Homo-Rechte

#3 AmiInBerlinProfil
  • 08.11.2007, 17:05hBerlin
  • While the fact that the House was brave enough (and, yes, in the US it is brave to speak of LGBT rights) is good news (apart from the fact that transsexuals remain unprotected) and that the Senate is likely to pass a similar bill (then, of course, the House and Senate would need to work out a compromise bill if the two are not identical, which will extend the process), the fact of the matter is that Bush is likely to veto such a bill. Since the House does not have the necessary 2/3 vote (290, unless there are abstentions) to override a veto, and it is not yet known what the Senate's vote will be, it will likely mean that the issue will, in the end, be defeated.

    The only hope is for Bush to sign it - unlikely, since the Republicans still believe that the country needs to be more conservative than it is now. (The Republican presidential candidates are actually campaign based on "Who's more conservative".)

    But, we can still hope. Miracles may occur.
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