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Mord an 15-jährigem Schwulen: Eltern verklagen Schule

#9 AmiInBerlinProfil
  • 19.08.2008, 19:04hBerlin
  • Ah, since I'm from the US, living in Germany for 8 years and fully capable of understanding this article and the associated comments, I'm taking the liberty of writing in English...

    As someone wrote, "they're all crazy there"! No, we're not ALL crazy: some of us have chosen to live outside of the US, especially during these 8 years of Bush's reign. But, the truth is, many in the US (and from the US) find that such lawsuits are ridiculous. We do believe in personal and parental responsibility, and find it difficult to believe that someone would want to hold the school responsible for preventing a child from wear clothes of the opposite gender -- didn't that child get dressed at home, presumably under the watchful eyes of the parent(s)?

    And, having served as the foreman of a jury in a liability lawsuit, I successfully sought to raise my voice to keep the award to a reasonable amount -- not the millions spoken of in the article. But, lawyers, in effect, rule the land in such regards, and they seek damage awards of ridiculous amounts so that their fee (typically expenses plus a high portion of the award) keeps them driving their Mercedes and BMW's...
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