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Berlin: Festival "In the Queer and Now · Cartographies of Affect"

17.09. bis 27.09.2020
Oyoun, Berlin

Perfomances, Gespräche, Ausstellungen u.v.m. Programm und alle Details samt Anmeldung s. Webseite

Aus der Einladung: Cartographies of Affect - in the queer and now is a 10-day festival involving more than 40 artists and tracing narratives of queer history and present resistance while exercised through diasporic bodies today, aiming to create transcultural and transnational solidarity.

The festival aims to gathers experiences and practices from diverse cultures living in Berlin and the "global south while incorporating the idea of intersectionality and showing how multiple modes of identification cross-pollinate.

"Cartographies of Affect -in the queer and now is a liturgy of artistry and medium, an intense and antidiscilinary journey through queer migration including a Bukhurr and Chikhat performance by trans, queer and non-binary folks practicing indigenous rituals while sharing their stories.








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Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin
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