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Online-Talk LGBT*IQ Rights and Activism in Poland

30.11.2020, 20:00 Uhr
Online, Hannover, Niedersachsen

Der CSD Hannover und weitere Gruppen laden zu einem Zoom-Infoabend

Aus der Einladung: In recent years, there has been a significant backlash in terms of LGBT rights in Poland. The ruling "Law and Justice Party" (PiS) has been scapegoating LGBT people and sexual and reproductive rights activists for their own political agenda, claiming they were advocating for "gender ideology", thereby presenting a threat to the "traditional" family. Various steps have been taken to undermine the rights of queer minorities, most infamously, the proclamation of so-called "LGBT-free zones".

Despite—or even spurred on by—these policies, LGBT activists have been continuing the fight for human rights, for example, by courageously organizing pride marches all over Poland.

In this online talk, we’ll hear from
Julia Maciocha, President of Warsaw Pride
Mewa Topolska, Member of the Stonewall Group Poznań, organizer of the first Polish-German Pride Słubice-Frankfurt (Oder)

They’ll talk about the current situation of LGBT people in Poland, what it’s like to do activism in Poland, and what they expect from foreign partners.

The event will be held online via Zoom. The link will be posted on Facebook. During the event, questions can be asked via Chat.

In Kooperation mit dem VNB - Verein Niedersächsischer BILDUNGSINITIATIVEN e.V.