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Bangkok, Thailand

Grüß Gott! Ich bin einer der beiden Geschäftsführer von queer.de und lebe die meiste Zeit des Jahres in Bangkok - das Internet macht's möglich!


Yes i know, I'm frequently online here on queer.de, but this means not I'm lonely or horny 24/7. I just brag about my monthly unlimited hi-speed internet access from TRUE.

Annoyance of the month: Samak
Catchy tune of the month: Used (Futon - Pain Killer)
Nicknames of the week: ไม่มีกาแฟ, Mic
Dish of the month: กุ้งเต้น
Thai lesson of the month: ช้างเย็ด, บ้านเล็กบ้านน้อย, ฝรั่งขี้นก
Newest membership card: Bookazine (wow! save 1 Baht for Bangkok Post every day!)
Living Room of the quarter: Sauna Mania (ชิงช้า at the roof garden)
Deal of the month: สอนผมภาษาไทย ผมสอนคุณเยอรมัน
Drink of the week: สับปะรดปั่น (Soi Convent)
Next Destinations: London, Bali

Some friends describe me as a กะเทยหัวโปก, but this is not true. I like to wear กางเกงทหาร and still don't know how to use an eyebrow pencil.

By the way: I'm not looking for a boyfriend here (จริง หรือ Micha???) - nevertheless I like to have some fun with extraordinary, intelliigent and sexy slim guys in BKK. But I'm ขี้อาย and talkative only after a good fuck... จริงจริง

Also looking for new buddies: If you want to smoke a shisha with me, write a crime novel or shoot a movie together, visit an art exhibition or play Canasta (alternatively Strip Poker), just drop me a line!


My hobbies & favourites: Online Dating (haha) - Sauna - Smoking shisha (Sukhumvit Soi 3) - Spicy dinner (at Chao Phaya) - 100 Pipers/Diet Coke (Silom Soi 4) - Travelling & collecting "Star Alliance" miles...

Food: Thai (เผ็ดเผ็ด), Sauerbraten, Sop Buntut
Pet: แมลงสาบ
Music: Luk Tung Mahanakon in the taxi, Toy Dolls at home
Songs: You give me something (James Morrison), Sag mir wo du stehst (FDJ song), Ein Student aus Uppsala (Kirsti)
Author: Micha Schulze, of course
Film: Cut Sleeve Boys, The Adventures Of Iron Pussy, Cadinot...
Actor: Prinya Ngamwongwarn (soooo cute in "อหิงสา"!), Patrick Steward (as captain Jean-Luc Picard)
Actress: Margaret Rutherford, Brigitte Mira
TV Show: Little Britain, Six Feet Under, Kottan ermittelt, DW TV
Websites: www.queer.de, www.gay-thailand.de
Book: "Fremdgehen" macht glücklich!
Holiday: Finland (a möki far away from civilization), Laos, Bali
City: Bangkok, San Francisco, K.L.
Country: Thailand? Yes, for all that
Club: I hate DJ Station, but maybe you can find me there
Bar/Pub: Balcony BKK, The Bar at Castro SFO, chicos y masi CGN, Q-Bar Bali


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